What Does Repiling Involve?

A full house re-pile involves lifting the whole house and replacing all the foundation piles underneath.

House re-piling requires a building consent to be submitted to your local Council. From there your local Council will process the paperwork and once all their requirements have been satisfied, they will issue you with your building consent.

We understand that submitting building consent paperwork can be an overwhelming and time consuming task when you are not familiar with this process. It can often be difficult to even know where to begin!

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    What Are Some Other Reasons for Repiling?

    House Lifting

    • Lifting the house to catch that view of the ocean you can’t quite get a glimpse of past your neighbours roof or trees.
    • House is too low to the ground and could do with some crawl space and air flow.
    • You want to create basement storage or even parking underneath.

    While the house is lifted is also a great time to have insulation installed.