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Since 1896 The Gentlemen of Building Removal    



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This can be your house or ours.  You can purchase a house directly from us which will have the delivery included in the price (unless stated otherwise). Most often these buildings are situated in our yard in Hamilton which you can walk around at your leisure and compare.  Or, you may have found something privately you want us to shift.

Go to the Relocatable Homes For Sale to see what we currently have available. If we don't have what you are looking for in stock, you can contact us with your request and we will let you know if we have something suitable coming or email you back when something similar comes available. 


icon buy-28 Buy

Once you have decided on which house you want, we will need to see the new site.  We need to obtain information relating to access, possible obstacles and ground conditions.

You will then need to sign a contract with us and pay the required deposit.


icon consent-174 Consents

Most councils are happy for used buildings to be relocated into their district, but always check with your local council to see what their process requirements are as they differ from area to area.

All buildings will require a building consent. We cannot re-site your building without one.

Don't worry though, we can guide you through the process - it is not as difficult as it looks!


icon shift-730 Shift

Once you have your approved consent.  Drop in so we can take a copy (or email it) and we can then put you in to the program schedule.

Lead times can change over the seasons, so we will let you know what the expected lead time is when we book you in.

icon after-45 After

When the house resite has been completed and the house is all tied down, you can bring in your services for connection.  
Once your services have been completed and your local council give the big tick of compliance, you are ready to move in and enjoy your new home.



Opening hours on-site for viewings are 9.00am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Phone :07 8437006



1 Roger Kaui Place 
Hamilton 3288
New Zealand

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