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Since 1896 The Gentlemen of Building Removal    


House Removal

Developing??  Give us a call to see if your existing house can be recycled.  We try to save as many as we can so give us a call to see what your house might be worth.


If the house is in the wrong spot on your large site.... we can reposition your house on your existing site to allow for a subdivision or duplex. 
Or..... you may just want to follow the sun and turn your house in a different direction.



If your house is beginning to feel like the waves of the ocean, you may want to consider a repile.  Particularly if you are about to undertake renovations.  It is always best to start from the ground up and make sure everything is straight and level before you spend money on a renovation.

Other reasons to repile coudl be:
- Lifting the house to catch that view of the ocean you can't quite get a glimpse of past your neighbours roof or trees.
- House is too low to the ground and could do with some crawl space and air flow
- You want to create basement storage or even parking underneath.

While the house is lifted is also a great time to have insulation installed.

What Does Repiling Involve?

A full repile involves lifting the whole house and replacing all the piles underneath.  It does require a council consent.  If you are only looking to replace some of the piles under your house, we are not the folks to help you as we only do full house lifts/repiles.  
Dan is the man you want to talk to in this situation:
Repiling NZ - Dan - 027 2014394



Opening hours on-site for viewings are 9.00am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Phone :07 8437006



1 Roger Kaui Place 
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New Zealand

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