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Since 1896 The Gentlemen of Building Removal    


Where do I get a house from?

Pick one from our yard...  We have a great range of buildings here in our yard for you to choose from.  You can wander around at your leisure during opening hours.  Check the above links for our current stock list.  If we don't have what you are looking for, send us an email and we will see if we have something coming that will suit.

Seen one on trademe or found one privately......  We are more than happy to price the move for you.  If you have enough information to hand, we can usually give you an estimate on the phone.  If that fits your budget, we can follow up with a site visit and give you a quote.
Remember **  When buying privately, establish with the vendor who is responsible for what.  Things to consider are;
1. Demolition consent (if required, especially if in heritage areas)
2. Disconnection of services (power, sewer, water, phone, gas, etc)
3. Site access for removal eg. Removing trees and fences
4. Who is clearing the site after the house is gone.
5. MOST IMPORTANT !  When does it need to be gone by.

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Do I need Council approval?

In general, councils are happy for used buildings to be relocated into their district. 
In most cases the council will require a “resite report” to be done outlining the condition of the house and any improvements that may need to be made once the building is resited. Some councils require their own inspectors to view, others will allow registered builder to do the report.  Check with your council.  The report will form part of your consent application.

We do require an approved building consent prior to resiting your building.

Don't worry though, we can guide you through the process - it is not as difficult as it looks!

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How much does a house cost to shift?

We can give you a quote.  In most cases this is done free of charge, but if your site requires a site inspection and is a long way from our base, we may charge an hourly rate for our time.  If you then go ahead with the project, we will credit that same amount back against your invoice.

If you are just wanting an estimate we can often give you an idea over the phone. The more information you are able to provide, the more accurate we can be. If you are able to get answers to the following questions it is helpful:

–    Dimensions of the building - width (both at the base and the eaves), length and overall height.
–    Type of construction.  ie: brick and tile, weatherboard, longrun roof etc
–    Chimneys, decks or extra concrete work (eg. porches, concrete floors, etc)

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What is included in the contract?

We will give you a written quote for your job.  This will outline what is included in the price and what your responsibilities are.

If you are looking at one of our houses for sale.  In most cases the price includes GST, Insurance, Transport (first 50km) and a standard timber pile foundation into good ground with good access.

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When can you shift my house?

Once you have your approved building consent.  Either send us a copy or bring in the original for us to copy.  When we have this we can book you in.  Lead-in times vary so contact us for the current status.

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How long does the actual shift take?

If the house is straight forward eg. one piece, lightweight cladding, low pitch iron roof on a flat and accessible site to another local flat and accessible site with good access, it will take 2-3 days, whereas a large villa could take up to 3-4 weeks.

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When do I have to pay?

Your payments terms are outlined in your contract, but generally if you are doing a site shift or relocation of your own building, A 50% deposit is required in order to book in the shift with the balance to be paid within 14 days of completion of the contract.  If you are purchasing a used building from us, a 20% deposit is initially required to secure the house. The balance is payable 10 days prior to relocation.

Financing establishments are becoming more familiar with the resiting of used houses, but some may still require some coaching. If your bank/financier has doubts, ask them to contact us so we can run them through the process, or we can find you a friendly bank/financier that will be able to help.

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Can I shift the building on to a sloping site or basement?

Yes. This will be more expensive than a dead flat site, but it can still be done. A building can also be placed on longer piles for a basement or on to full height wall framing (provided by yourselves).

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I just want to shift the house on the same site so I can subdivide – do you do this?

Yes. With land values increasing all the time, it is often worth shifting the house on the site to make way for subdivision.  Or maybe just because it was built the wrong way around and not facing the sun! We have even shifted buildings as little as 300mm just to make it comply for subdivision. Remember to allow for extending your services, building consent (resource consent generally not required except for the actual subdivision process), new baseboards and patching the chimney hole, etc.

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Yes. You may have an old villa on original totara piles which is sinking. Before you start renovating, it is best to get the foundations in order which could save thousands of dollars in the long term. We demolish the chimney and free the house from concrete porches, etc, then lift it, remove the old piles and replace with new foundations. You may wish the house to be at a higher level for views or simply to allow more ventilation and crawl space underneath. We can also lift for a basement.

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Can you shift a house on to peat or filled sites?

Yes. If the peat is shallow (ie. say less than 1 metre), then we can normally treat it like a standard foundation but with deeper piles (slight extra cost). If the peat is deeper then piles will need to be driven before the house arrives on site.

After testing the ground, an engineer can recommend how deep the piles are likely to be. You can either contract the piling yourself or get us to do it for you.  If the piles are going to be very deep (say more than seven metres), it may be worth installing new bearers beside the existing ones, so fewer piles are required.

f you are wanting to repile a house on peat, the house will need to be moved to another part of the site while the piles are being driven and then shifted back again. Otherwise if you want the house in a different part of the site, there might be enough room to go directly to the final position.

Some parts of the Hauraki Plains are affected by marine clay. This requires a foundation known as a strip, floating or raft foundation, where the house is positioned or lifted and reinforced concrete strips and pads with piles cast into them are poured underneath. An engineer or council will suggest whether this is required. Unfortunately this is a more expensive project.

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What can I do to the building before it shifts?

You can do any preparatory work (eg. stripping wallpaper, sanding, etc), but we recommend you do not do final gib stopping, final interior painting, etc until after the house is in it's final position.

Also, wait until after the house is on site before running services (eg. drains, power cables, etc) across the site to their final positions.

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Do you buy houses for removal?

Yes. If you have a house for sale for removal, it is helpful if you are able to email us a photo and sketch plan if possible. Otherwise the address is often enough to have a quick look at google maps.  From there we can give you an estimated price or visit the house in question and make you a written offer.

More and more often lately we find there is little to no value in older homes due to the high cost of transporting them to new sites, so we often take them away for no cost and sometimes even at cost to the vendor.  But, if you are developing a site it is still cheaper than demolition so call us for a look before you put the digger through the old place.

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What if I have other questions?

Please feel free to call us if you have any further questions or if you would like an estimate. Either ring, email or call in in person and have a chat to one of our contract managers – we're all friendly! Click on the Contact us link for details.

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Opening hours on-site for viewings are 9.00am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Phone :07 843 7006



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