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Since 1896 The Gentlemen of Building Removal    


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A20.2 Classroom T5/P42 - 72.5m²
incl. G.S.T
Babbage Office - 71.9m²
incl. G.S.T
R24 Classroom - 70m²
incl. G.S.T
R26 Classroom - 65.72m²
incl. G.S.T
R27 Classroom - 69.2m²
incl. G.S.T
Toilet Block Flat Roof - 20.52m²
incl. G.S.T
Tristram Building - 101.1m²
incl. G.S.T
Dey Garage - 30.67m²
incl. G.S.T
Hills Garage - 71.92m²
incl. G.S.T
Yeoman Shed - 18.6m²
incl. G.S.T


We are closed during the Christmas Period:
Last day: Friday 22 December at 3pm
Reopen: Monday 15 January 2018
During this time we will not be able to answer the phones or emails, please be patient and we will get back to you as soon as we possible after Jan 15th. 

Ring any of these numbers if you live in:
(07) 843 7006  Hamilton
(09) 358 4462  Auckland
(07) 871 4275   Te Awamutu
(07) 378 4250 Taupo
We are located in Hamilton.



We are located behind Bunnings South.

21 Quentin Drive
Hamilton 3204
New Zealand

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